Thursday, October 24, 2013

Style Icon: Jamie Campbell Bower

Fiti pregatiti, domnilor! Astazi am pentru voi un exemplu masculin in materie de stil. Este vorba de actorul Jamie Campbell Bower. Eu as zice ca este varianta blonda si mai tanara a lui Johnny Depp (Chiar a si jucat cu el intr-un film). Ce ador la stilul lui Jamie? Faptul ca aparent nu ii pasa. Are mereu un look relaxat, uneori arata ca si cum abia s-a trezit si a iesit in graba pe usa, aruncand pe el ce avea la indemana, dar nu-i asa ca reuseste cumva sa fie sexy? Pai bineinteles! Pentru ca este un look studiat, chiar daca pare neglijent. Nu oricine poate sa iasa in strada cu parul ciufulit, aparent nespalat, cu o geaca de piele si blugi rupti. Trebuie sa iti asumi acest rol. Trebuie sa te reprezinte si sa vina natural. Am observat astfel de tentative "grunge" si pe la noi, dar va rog, spalati-va pe cap. Nu sunteti mai cool sau mai interesanti daca aveti parul slinos. Asta vreau sa exemplific, ca totul tine de atitudine si nu doar de aparente.

Be prepared, gentlemen! Today I have for you a male example in terms of style. It is the actor Jamie Campbell Bower. I'd say it's the blonde and younger version of Johnny Depp. What I love about Jamie's style? The fact that apparently he doesn't care. He always looks relaxed. Sometimes he looks like he just woke up and went out the door in a hurry, throwing him what he had on hand, but not so somehow he manages to be sexy? Well of course! Because it's a studied look, even if it seems sloppy. Not everyone can go out in the street with hair tousled, seemingly unwashed, with a leather jacket and ripped jeans. You have to assume this role. It must represent you and that should come naturally. I noticed some "grunge" attempts, but please, wash your hair. You're not cooler or interesting if you have greasy hair. I want to illustrate that it's all about attitude, not just appearances.

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