Friday, February 3, 2012

Picture Me: A Model's Diary

This documentary takes you into the hectic, and not always glamorous look at the life of a model. With the excitement comes a huge amount of stress and exhaustion. Ole Schell and Sara Ziff, with the help of many others, showed all sides of this lifestyle. From the early morning calls, to the many deadlines, to the huge amount of time spent on planes, and the large sum on the checks, all the way to the meltdowns from sheer tiredness and pressure, I learned quite a bit more than I knew before. I feel more enriched for having seen it. I do recommend it highly for those interested in becoming a model, and for those just curious like myself.


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  2. looks interesting

  3. E trist, foarte trist.
    Cand a spus ca diferenta dintre un model si o stripteoza nu exista mi-a curs o lacrima. :(

    1. Da, este trist! Imi este mila de ele, se pare ca viata unui model nu este intotdeauna glamorous...

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